CALEA Conducts UT Police Reaccreditation Review

December 07, 2020
Alicia Jasmin

Assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) paid a virtual visit to the University of Texas Police at Houston to examine all aspects of its department and operations for reaccreditation. The process, which began Monday, Nov. 30, and continued through Wednesday, Dec. 2, focused on compliance with CALEA standards in four main areas: policies and procedures, administration, operations, and support services.
The department's compliance with CALEA accreditation standards is reviewed on an annual basis by CALEA compliance service members. The last major reaccreditation audit of UT Police was completed in 2016.

A decision on the reaccreditation status of the department is expected early next year when the assessor's report is submitted and reviewed by the CALEA Commission.

The process to ensure departmental standards with CALEA and preparations for the site visit was led by UT Police CALEA Accreditation Manager Sgt. Everton Long, who maintains documentation of the department's compliance in preparation of annual reviews conducted by CALEA and our other accreditation bodies IACLEA and the Texas Police Chiefs Association. 

"The next step in the process is for the CALEA commissioners to submit a written report on their findings," explained Long. "They will make the determination on reaccreditation during CALEA's Spring Virtual Conference, which takes place March 23-26, 2021."

CALEA typically sends two or more assessors to review agencies’ policies, practices and procedures in-person. Due to Covid-19, their assessments are being conducted virtually. As a result, UT Police engaged in Zoom meetings with the assessors and produced a video showcasing procedures and spaces key to reaccreditation.

Community input and feedback is an important element that the assessors take into consideration in their report. MD Anderson and UTHealth workforce members and students were invited to participate in the process by calling in to offer comments to the assessors regarding UT Police's ability to comply with the CALEA standards for accreditation. A virtual public information session also was held Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020 via Zoom.

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