Strategic Mapping Aids Communication, Strategy

July 04, 2022
Sherneka Cagle

A leading healthcare security publication recently ran an article drawing on our team’s experiences in the implementation of a robust, evolving strategic map.

Security Risk Operations Manager Robert Haynes and Public Safety Manager Jason Lipe joined Executive Director and Deputy Chief Security Officer Ray Gerwitz on the article, “The Many Benefits of Strategic Mapping,” which was published by the Journal of Healthcare Protection Management.

Strategy maps, they posit, are the missing link to succinctly help organizations view their strategies in a cohesive, integrated, and systematic way. Strategic mapping – a visualization tool for strategic planning, engagement, and execution – provides clear communication between healthcare and security professionals.

Relying on their contributions to developing UT Police’s yearly strategic map and strategic plan, first introduced in 2017, the authors provide a series of steps that can help other organizations create a strategy map that provides value to both the organization and its employees.

For a copy of the article, please contact Robert Haynes at

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