UT Police Safety Heroes for September and October

October 28, 2021
Victoria Ralls

In October 2021, Officer Alondra Jones responded to a call about a combative patient at MD Anderson's Main Building. Upon arrival, she discovered the patient had assaulted a nurse and was attempting to leave. Officer Jones attempted to verbally de-escalate the situation, yet the patient assaulted the nursing staff once again. Jones intervened using soft hand force and could restrain the patient. In situations where a patient's mental state is likely being affected by treatment, UT Police works and consults with the medical team and hospital administration to determine an appropriate remedy. 

Police Officer Walter Spivey was conducting a proactive patrol of the Medical School building and discovered an individual on a bench in apparent medical distress. Officer Spivey found the individual to have a ruptured colostomy bag which spurred Officer Spivey to contact EMS. Upon arrival, EMS treated the individual and transported them to an emergency room.

Police Officer Walter Spivey was on patrol in mid-September when he saw a woman standing on the bridge along Fannin Street. She was looking over the bridge at the bayou below and was not wearing shoes or socks. Out of concern for her safety, Officer Spivey stopped and began a conversation, whereby he learned she was suicidal. She suddenly climbed over the safety railing. Officer Spivey grasped her legs and pull her to safety.

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