What you should know about ID Badge access

June 24, 2019

Campus Safety

When using your ID badge to enter a secured area, always be aware of tailgaters, people with unauthorized access without a badge, who try to slip in behind you. When someone is close enough to take advantage of a door opened with your ID badge, try to locate the person’s ID badge.

When you encounter strangers without ID badges in restricted areas, offer your assistance. Help them find their destinations or direct them to building entrances where public safety officers are stationed.

If someone's responses or demeanor seems suspicious, immediately notify a public safety officer or call UT Police at 713-792-2890. Always call 911 if you’re in immediate danger.

How to wear your badge

Wear your ID badge anytime you’re on campus. This is required by both, MD Anderson and UTHealth, outlined in Identification Badge Policy (ADM0282) and HOOP Policy 148 Identification Badges, respectively. Be sure it’s in a badge holder high on your chest.

Decorations aren’t allowed on your ID, although you can attach small items such as recognition pins to your badge holder if they don’t obscure the view of your ID.

Don’t keep credit cards, bus passes or other cards with magnetic strips in your badge holder. They can prevent your badge from accessing garages or work areas.

How to request badge access

Do you have a new employee who needs badge access to your work area? Do you need access to a certain building or room on campus?

Submit the following information to UT Police’s Security Risk Operations team. MD Anderson employees may call (713) 79-BADGE, or x22343 or send an email to badgeaccess@mdanderson.org

UTHealth employees may call (713) 500-UTID/(8843), or send an email to badgeaccess@uth.tmc.edu.

  • Your name
  • Employee ID number
  • ID badge number (located on the back of your badge)
  • Room number to the area you need to access

All requests have to be reviewed by the Departmental Access Approval Authority for the area where access is requested, according to the MD Anderson Identification Badge Policy (ADM0282) (credentials required) and UTHealth HOOP Policy 148 Identification Badges.

If you need more urgent assistance during regular business hours, you may call the Security Risk Operations team at (713) 79-BADGE, or x22343, and be prepared to provide your name, the date/time of your email, and a description of your issue. For urgent matters after-hours, contact the UT Police Command Center at (713) 792-2890 for assistance.

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