Johnson Receives UTHealth Houston President’s Award for Leadership

March 01, 2024 By: Victoria Vazquez

Johnson Receives UTHealth Houston President’s Award for Leadership

UT Police Inspector Covell Johnson has been honored with the UTHealth Houston President's Award for Leadership. Inspired by Michael J. Jimenez, the university’s former vice president of Human Resources, the President's Awards for Leadership honor those who consistently exhibit the qualities of effective leadership: service, compassion, and ethical standards. 

The award announcement was made formally by UTHealth Houston on March 1. In a divisional celebration at UT Police, Johnson was recognized in front of many of his peers. Chief William Adcox was joined by UT Police executive team members Assistant Chief Paul Cross, Assistant Chief Matt Slinkard, and Sr. Inspector Charles Dunn to applaud Johnson and his commitment to continuous learning and his efforts to ensure the team's readiness and effectiveness in managing threats. 

Detective Matthew Cardenas, in his nomination, emphasized Johnson's commitment to excellence and service. Cardenas praised Johnson's moral integrity, emphasizing his ability to show respect, empathy, and humility in all interactions. He highlighted how Johnson inspires others through his positivity and enthusiasm, as well as his relentless pursuit of improvement for himself and his team. 

In his own nomination of Johnson, Sr. Threat and Risk Analyst Andrew Dasher echoed Cardenas’ sentiments, stating that Johnson shows genuine thoughtfulness for his team members. Dasher commended Johnson's dedication to understanding everyone's role and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. Johnson's leadership philosophy revolves around uplifting others and recognizing the collective contribution to success, he said. 

Sr. Detective Melissa Trujillo further elaborated on Johnson's leadership style, emphasizing his hands-on approach and his willingness to immerse himself in the team's daily activities, contributing directly alongside his team members. Trujillo highlighted Johnson's proactive engagement in understanding and addressing challenges, particularly in the realm of threat management. She emphasized how Johnson pursued additional training to ensure his understanding of the full concepts of his new role when first promoted.  

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