Bootwalk Fundraising Goal Surpassed!

Team KnightWalkers has once again exceeded its goal to fundraise $2,500 toward Making Cancer History with a grand total of $4,358.80! And we are proud to say that 100 percent of those funds raised directly support MD Anderson's mission to end cancer.

Thank you to everyone who helped fundraise for Team KnightWalkers this year and inspiring others to get involved on behalf of The University of Texas Police at Houston. The funds raised directly support groundbreaking research, treatment, prevention and education.

Like the countless health care professionals, researchers and volunteers, you are part of our family, and we hope you will continue this journey with us. As a community of people ready to end cancer, our funds contribute to a collective total of $1,113,873.31 raised.

Here's a look at how we accomplished our goal:

Baked Potato Sale, team lead: PSS Catrina Smith, raised $1200

Silent Auction, team lead: Sandra Martin, raised approx. $2000

Hot Dog Day, team lead: Marissa Nevarez, raised $561

Candy Sale, team lead: Alma Garza, raised $184

2019 UT Police at Houston Boot Walk Photos

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