Ramos Named Recipient of MD Anderson Distinguished Mentor Award

February 25, 2021 By: Carla Hulsey Pate

Roberto "Rob" Ramos doesn't consider mentoring a task that needs to be done. To him, it's taking care of the people on his teams and colleagues who work alongside him. He just calls it leading by example. 

It’s also something at which he excels. His commitment to developing the skills and capabilities of his team has earned Ramos recognition as a distinguished mentor. MD Anderson is honoring Ramos and other distinguished mentors during a virtual Mentoring Day on Mar. 25.

Ramos, associate director of Operational Excellence at The University of Texas Police at Houston, said he has a few formal mentoring relationships, but his genuine interest in the well-being of his team extends to everyone in his orbit, and yields positive results for his mentees and the department.

“It’s just the way I lead,” he said. “I call it taking care of your people, and I believe if you take care of your people, they will take care of their work. When they’re happy, they do what they know needs to be done.”

According to Ramos, the key to taking care of people is through building trust and meaningful professional relationships. 

“Trust and relationship building among team members provides a better work experience and helps both, mentees and the department, achieve their goals,” he said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Senior Community Relations Specialist Carla Hulsey nominated Ramos for the award. She explained that his focus on relationships makes Ramos' mentorship especially empowering for those he works with.

“Rob is a great mentor not only because he empowers me and our team, but also because he is approachable," said Hulsey. "I appreciate that I'm able to ask Rob tough questions and he's not afraid to answer honestly. Overall, he's a great mentor who provides encouragement and support."

Ramos is armed with knowledge and experience thanks to his long and distinguished career with UT Police. He has spent more than 30 years with UT Police, beginning his career as a public safety officer and working his way up to his current position as an associate director.

“Ramos' professional experience spans decades,” Hulsey said. “He shares his wisdom that can only be learned over time and through experience working with diverse teams. His dedication, professionalism, and relationships with others, is commendable.”

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