UT Police Staff Assist Young Boy on Knight Rd.

May 06, 2024 By: Sherneka Cagle

UT Police Staff Assist Young Boy on Knight Rd.

A non-verbal boy was reunited with his parents after being helped by a UT Police team member who spotted him in a traffic lane.

After a long day at the office in early April, Program Coordinator Marlene Richards had just begun her drive home when she noticed cars slowing down just down the street from UT Police headquarters on Knight Road. As she approached, she saw a young, barefoot boy standing in the street. 

Richards, fearing for his safety, pulled her car over onto the side of the road and went to help the boy.

“Seeing a young child in the street unattended during rush hour traffic reminded me of the active bystander training provided by UT Police,” Richards said, recounting training that focuses on the duty to intervene when it is safe and necessary to prevent further harm. “Getting out of the car and assisting the young child was the right thing to do in that moment.”

She asked him for his name, where he lived, and his parents' names, each time with no response. He did agree to sit on the ground with Richards as she called UT Police for assistance.

At the same time, fellow colleague Detective Philip Nguyen was driving by when he noticed Richards and the boy. He immediately pulled his vehicle over to assess the situation.

“I commend Ms. Richards on her actions because numerous vehicles were driving down Knight Road and no others stopped to assist the young child,” Nguyen said.  “Ms. Richards took the time to possibly save a child from being struck by oncoming vehicles.”

Responding officers arrived to assist. Shortly thereafter, the boy’s parents were located, arrived to the scene, and were reunited with their son.

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