IACLEA Honors King At Annual Conference

July 01, 2021
Carla Hulsey Pate

IACLEA 2021 Annual Awards Presentation Announcement

Each year, The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies (IACLEA) recognizes outstanding contributions by its members to the campus law enforcement profession with a presentation of awards.

In March, The University of Texas Police at Houston (UT Police) Chief of Police William Adcox submitted Assistant Chief Vicki King to be considered for IACLEA’s Award for Administrative Excellence.

Adcox nominated King for her role in several high-profile major crimes, partnering with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) leaders to coordinate COVID-19 personal protection equipment (PPE) security at the onset of the pandemic, and for implementing threat management principles in our department.

Adcox also nominated King for her community advocacy and for advancing women in policing, which is evident through her work partnering with MD Anderson Employee Assistance Program to bring domestic violence resources to a broad audience, and with the 30x30 Initiative, which aims to increase the representation of women in policing.

IACLEA posted the awards presentation on their Expo page during their virtual Annual Conference and Exposition.

Randy Richardson, deputy chief of campus safety police at Biola University and chair of the 2021 IACLEA Awards and Recognition Committee announced the award recipients for the Administrative Excellence Award, Innovations in Community Policing and Award for Merit.

In the video, Richardson announced the committee selected King for the Award of Administrative Excellence for her role in risk prevention, the Behavioral Intervention Team, and her leadership in coordination of major crimes. Richardson also cited her ability to cultivate partnerships with institutional leaders.

In addition to the presentation of King as the Administrative Award for Excellence recipient, organizers also announced UT Police’s recognition as an IACLEA accredited agency.

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