2019 Promotions and Awards Ceremony

May 16, 2019

UT Police at Houston hosted our yearly Promotions and Awards Ceremony on May 16, 2019, to recognize individuals who were awarded UT System Police Awards (ODOP Policy 411) and others who had notable recognition from outside entities. The department also acknowledged teamwork contributions and higher education degrees earned, and awarded civilian service awards.

The keynote address was given by Elizabeth Garcia, associate vice president of Patient Experience at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The event also served to recognize Public Safety Officer Mary Gonzalez, who was awarded the Heart of MD Anderson Outstanding Employee for May 2019. Also presented at the event were awards and recognition granted to the department by external organizations in the past 12 months.

Teamwork Awards

Civilian Service Awards, 2019

Professional Certifications, 2019

UT System Police Awards, 2019

Promotions, last 12 months

Of The Year Recipients, 2019

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