November Safety Heroes

December 03, 2021
Victoria Ralls

Public Safety Officer Manuel Martinez reported an individual seen jumping the gate at the McGovern Medical School bike rack, after attempting to steal a bike.  Officers were called and were able to make contact with the suspect who was put into custody. This is the third time PSO Martinez has helped prevent a theft at the McGovern Medical School bike rack.


Officer Megan Davis was called to the Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC) for an individual in crisis. The individual began climbing a fence into a nearby construction site, then continuing to climb a ladder.  The individual threatened to end his own life.  Officer Davis was able to talk the individual down from off the ladder with de-escalation techniques. The individual was taken into custody and transported to a safe location. 


Officer Peter Dahlman was recognized for his help de-escalating a patient issue.  Officers were called to a situation involving a grieving family. When officers arrived, they intervened and deescalated a situation with more than a group of 10 family members visiting a dying patient.

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