Be Heard: Submit an Award Nomination

March 11, 2020

When the 2020 Promotions and Awards Ceremony rolls around in a few months, don’t be among those who didn’t chime in to help nominate a member of the UT Police staff for their exceptional service throughout the year.

The 8th annual ceremony takes place on Tuesday, May 12, during which officers and staff members will be acknowledged.

Staff, as well as members of the UT Police community, are encouraged to submit nominations for anyone believed to be deserving of recognition by the submission deadline of March 31

To submit a nomination, please complete a DP46 form and email it to [email protected].

In addition, we are also accepting nominations for the coveted of-the-year awards, which include: Rookie of the Year, Police Officer of the Year, Investigator of the Year, Public Safety officer of the Year, Civilian of the Year, and Telecommunications Officer of the Year.

To submit an of-the-year nomination, please send an email to Community Outreach that includes the category you wish for them to be considered and a detailed description of why the individual should receive the award. Specific examples are preferred.

Any questions should be directed to UT Police Community Outreach at [email protected] or by calling 713-563-7794.

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