Preparing for a Hurricane During a Pandemic

June 01, 2020

An active storm season is predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration during the 2020 hurricane season which began June 1.

UT Police at Houston reminds everyone to be aware of a few new considerations when making plans to keep your family safe now that COVID-19 is a factor in our world.

While most preparations will remain the same for sheltering in place—including the securing of supplies such as batteries, portable radios, water and non-perishable food items—some new considerations must be noted.

Supply and Demand

Many in-demand items during the pandemic, such as bottled water and toilet paper, are also necessities during a hurricane. Take a slow and steady approach to obtaining the things you will need to avoid unnecessarily depleting supplies at your local stores.


If unemployment has affected your home, it may be difficult to cover the cost of evacuating if the need arose. These expenses may include the cost of hotel stays, gas, food and other travel supplies. Look at your finances now and determine what funding source you will use in the event of a hurricane emergency.


In line with finances, now is a good time to organize and review your home insurance documents. Policies separate from basic home insurance are often required for damage caused by wind and flooding. Familiarize yourself with what your policy covers so that there are no surprises if damage were to occur.

For more information about how Harris County is preparing for hurricane season with COVID-19 in mind, read this KHOU article.  Also visit for a list of severe weather resources.

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