Non-Escalation, De-Escalation, and Crisis Management (NEDECM)


For this course, the focus is on predicting and preventing conflict (non-escalation), reducing challenging behaviors before they become violent (de-escalation), and interacting with people who have lost their ability to make safe decisions and control their behavior due to cognitive challenges or mental illness (crisis management).

Problems Addressed:

  • Gateway behaviors to violence (i.e., disrespectful or threatening actions)
  • Questioning or refusing requests
  • Verbal confrontations and anger
  • Threats to emotional or physical safety
  • Inability to cope due to situational crisis, cognitive challenges, or mental illness
  • At-risk behaviors that could result in harm to self or others

What You Will Learn

  • Identify gateway behaviors that can be a precursor to violence
  • Recognize threat indicators that may compromise safety
  • Engage with others in ways to maximize safety without unnecessary escalation
  • Resolve refusals and de-escalate verbal confrontations
  • Stay safe and promote recovery in crisis situations
  • Recognize when verbal methods have failed and it is necessary to take further action
  • Take appropriate action when aggression or violence compromises safety
  • End interactions better than they started and with a positive foundation for future contact
  • Articulate the reasons for taking action