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COVID-19 Safety Plans: How Protecting Your Family Can Help Save America

Chief William Adcox, Dr. Gregory Botz, Dr. Charles Denham II, Charles Denham II, 03/02/2021

If you break the family- and living-unitCOVID-19transmission chains, you can save the lives of teachers, healthcare workers and police officers. You might even help save our nation.

Survive and Thrive Guide

Charles Denham, II, MD, William Adcox, Charles Denham III, Jaime Yrastorza, and Gregory Botz, MD, FCCM, 01/04/2021

This article is a narrative summary of the short film entitled Masks: The SCIENCE of Success posted on the Med Tac Global website providing access to free films and resources to families of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers of sixteen industry sectors and the general public.

Three Novel Ways to Use ALPR

Andrew Dasher, PhD, Threat and Risk Analyst, University of Texas Police at Houston, 03/18/2020

Automated license plate readers (ALPR) are being utilized across the world in a variety of ways and for myriad purposes. Law enforcement has primarily used these devices as a way to facilitate traffic enforcement, such as looking for expired plates, or to help identify vehicles where the vehicle itself is associated with the crime, such as an auto theft, or to find a wanted person.

Using Business Tools to Enhance Your Team's Success

Ray Gerwitz, MBA, CHPA, CPP, Executive Director and Deputy Chief Security Officer, UT Police at Houston, 03/01/2020

Security leaders would do themselves a favor by adapting a few business tools for strategic planning and assessment of success. In particular, three visualization tools—strategic mapping, storyboarding, and data visualization—can help to optimize performance, control costs, enhance team members’ enthusiasm, and increase upper management’s trust in the department.

Inadequate Placement of AED and Bleeding Control Gear Could Cost You

Dr. Charles Denham II, Dr. Gregory Botz, Charles Denham III and William Adcox, 11/11/2019

An emerging threat to many organizations is “failure to rescue” children and adults experiencing sudden cardiac arrest or harm due to major trauma, such as active shooter events. The standard of care for these medical emergencies is rapidly evolving, and leaders need to act now to keep up or pay the price of harm to their constituents and the growing liability exposures that often accompany these types of medical emergencies.

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