About Us

Several UT Police leadership in conversation at window overlooking the Texas Medical Center.

UT Police at Houston carries out our responsibilities in the context of a systems approach to threat, risk, harm and resilience. Our unified approach focuses on prevention, preparedness and protection measures to reduce harm from both visible and invisible threats. Our thoughtful, proactive approach optimizes institutional resilience with the least disruption of service to our institutions.

Services & Programs

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Noteworthy accolades of our organization and people from nationally recognized organizations.

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Public Integrity team reinforces the public's trust through full investigations of all allegations.

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See what guides our team: Our Mission, Vision and Values.

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The annual report is published by October 1 of each year.

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Review the history of our department and our milestones.
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The Bike Patrol Program offers added security coverage in our TMC properties.
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The Risk Operations Center handles emergency communications.