UT Police Unveils Recruiting Videos Showcasing Job Roles

December 18, 2023 By: Victoria Vazquez

UT Police Unveils Recruiting Videos Showcasing Job Roles

To provide prospective team members with a transparent and engaging glimpse into the daily lives of commissioned staff, UT Police recently launched a series of recruiting videos. These videos, accessible on the UT Police website and specific job listings aim to foster a better understanding of what it entails to work for UT Police.  

The videos consist of one larger video featuring four staff members, and additional videos for each of the employees. 

Detective Matt Cardenas takes center stage in one of these videos, providing viewers with insights into the advantages of being part of the UT Police. He not only underscores the positive impact of working in such a dynamic environment on overall job satisfaction, but also celebrates the team's commitment to embracing differences in cultures and backgrounds. 

Officer Victoria Gonzales shares her personal journey and discusses why UT Police feels like the perfect fit for her in a video featured in job postings for Police Officer roles. She recaps the comprehensive benefits offered to employees and the training programs available to UT Police officers from initial steps as police cadets, and the perks along the way. 

Sr. Public Safety Officer Roney Raju offers a glimpse into the duties integral to a Public Safety Officer's role, providing a valuable perspective on the responsibilities that come with the position.  

Public Safety Supervisor Melba Doyle emphasizes the core values embodied by the individuals working at UT Police, highlighting the importance of a shared commitment to these principles. 

By providing an overview of the roles within the division, UT Police invites the job seekers and the community-at-large to better understand the responsibilities and rewards of a career in law enforcement. Aspiring candidates, or just the curious, can access the videos to help make an informed decision about pursuing a career with UT Police. 

Additional videos highlighting other positions with UT Police are planned in the future. 

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