2021 Employee of the Year Awards

Lamar Pitre, Civilian Employee of the Year 

Asset Technician Lamar Pitre has demonstrated a commitment to volunteerism. Pitre was nominated because of his willingness to lend a helping hand during department events, like the annual UT Police Children’s Gift Drive, physical training agility tests and National Night Out. Pitre is quick to don the McGruff The Crime Dog costume to bring joy and nostalgia to our community members.

For his efforts in promoting teamwork the UT Police Executive leadership team awarded this year’s Civilian of the Year to Lamar Pitre.

Vera Hayes, Public Safety Officer of the Year

Public Safety Officer Vera Hayes consistently provides excellent customer service, volunteers to work mandatory overtime to cover staff shortages and is known for her excellent communication skills. Hayes is professional and courteous and is a mainstay for UT Police.

Because of her dedication to UT Police, the UT Police Executive Team awarded this year’s Public Safety Officer of the Year to Vera Hayes.

Josselyn Alvarez, Telecommunicator of the Year

Senior Police Telecommunicator Josselyn Alvarez has transitioned from Public Safety Officer to Police Telecommunicator with ease. Alvarez quickly learned the ropes, excelling as a stand-in radio operator and demonstrating her agility, dependability and flexibility.

Because she is the epitome of a “team player” and will do whatever she can to uplift her team members, the UT Police Executive Team awarded this year’s Telecommunicator of the Year to Josselyn Alvarez.

Mary Lentschke, Investigator of the Year

Inspector Mary Lentschke is a leader in the Threat Management Unit and has demonstrated a commitment to resolving behavioral concern cases. Lentschke works closely with community members each day to ensure their safety and to bring a safe and healthy resolution to people experiencing a crisis.

Because of her compassion and dedication to investigating and resolving potential threats to our community, the UT Police Executive Team has awarded Mary Lentschke Investigator of the Year.

Keylon LaSalle, Officer of the Year

Officer Keylon LaSalle is considered an ambassador for values-based policing. Officer LaSalle approaches each interaction with the community by putting his best foot forward. He is well known to be kind, caring, compassionate and humane. His acts of kindness have touched the lives of those less fortunate and he frequently will purchase meals and water for homeless individuals.   

Because of his humanitarian efforts and dedication to community policing, the UT Police Executive Team awarded this year’s Officer of the Year to Officer Keylon LaSalle.