Of the Year Awards, 2022

Carlos Morales, Civilian Employee of the Year 

Associate Threat and Risk Analyst Carlos Morales has been instrumental in empowering the Risk Operation Center team and many others to better utilize the use of technology. He is looked to for help and understanding the use of our electronic security systems. Carlos has been instrumental in the transition of our department’s hybrid staffing model.  

Because of his unwavering support of our internal and external workforce members, the Civilian Employee of the Year is Carlos Morales 

David Fox, Public Safety Officer of the Year

Senior Public Safety Officer David Fox took the initiative to create exterior door surveys. His project tallied a total of 22 buildings and registered over 300 doors which are used by Public Safety Officers, or PSOs, across all shifts. The surveys served as an excellent opportunity for PSOs to assess, spot, and prevent negligent or criminal activity. While conducting these surveys, two of our PSOs participated in an active incident response resulting in the arrest of multiple suspects who were leaving Pressler Garage after robbing an employee.  

For recognizing a need and creating a solution for PSOs, Senior Public Safety Officer David Fox is the Public Safety Officer of the year. Fox also received a Community Service award for his efforts.  

James Gonzales, Investigator of the Year

Detective James Gonzales is a leader in his division and has demonstrated a particular commitment to resolving behavioral concern cases. He worked tirelessly to identify individuals who posed a risk to our community and brought them to justice. His proficiency with the institutional security video has been essential to the department 

Because of his dedication to investigating and resolving potential threats to our community, Detective James Gonzales is Investigator of the Year.  

Shaleitha Scott, Telecommunicator of the Year 

Lead telecommunicator Shaleitha Scott performs tasks outside of the job description and regularly checks the video surveillance system for any unusual or suspicious activity that may negatively affect our staff, students, and the general public. She shares any information learned with team members, regularly asks for feedback on performance, implements changes suggested by Risk Operations Center trainers and supervisors, and seeks out learning opportunities. On top of her full-time job, Shaleitha also shows her commitment to professional development by dedicating herself to obtaining an Associates of Applied Science degree in business. She is also a trained Peer Support team member for UT Police.  

Because of her relentless search to find solutions and continuous commitment to professional improvement, Shaleitha Scott is the Telecommunicator of the Year.

Covell Johnson, Inspector of the Year

Inspector Covell Johnson has been exemplary in this position. His leadership, dedication to duty, and proactive crime mitigation efforts helped keep our campus safe from crime impacting the region. For his criminal investigations team, he has provided guidance and support, helped steer officers to trouble spots to reduce threats, and cultivated relationships with other law enforcement partners. 

Because of his outstanding efforts, leadership and development of the next generation of investigators, Inspector Covell Johnson is Inspector of the Year. 

Bethaney Covington, Rookie of the Year

Officer Bethany Covington excelled throughout the onboarding and field training process, as well as in a variety of situations in the field. Working with her field training officer, she demonstrated good tactics in the apprehension of the three suspects and the subsequent recovery of a stolen vehicle. 

Because of her success in the application of her training, the Rookie of the Year is Officer Bethaney Covington 

Justin Taylor, Supervisor of the Year

Lieutenant Justin Taylor's has displayed exceptional police work, participation in many high-risk incidents, leadership, and mentoring. Additionally, he successfully co-launched the Peer Support Program and initiated numerous enhancements to streamline the eCitation process.  

Because of his commitment and dedication to his role, the Supervisor of the Year is Lieutenant Justin Taylor 

In addition, Lieutenant Taylor also receives a Police Commendation