Job Description: Inspector

Working within the collaborative framework of the Combined Protection Model, the primary purpose of the Inspector position is to oversee the institutional threat assessment and crime mitigation programs based on directed threats to individuals or the institution at large. The Inspector serves as a Campus Security Authority as defined by The Clery Act and impacts the law enforcement and security efforts of University of Texas at Police at Houston (UT Police).


Required: Commissioned/licensed peace officer for the State of Texas and hold a valid Class C Texas driver’s license. Qualified candidates from Federal Law Enforcement, U.S. Military and Out of State Law Enforcement agencies must be able to obtain a commissioned/licensed peace officer for the State of Texas and hold a valid Class C Texas driver’s license within one hundred twenty days (120) of employment.


Required: Seven years of experience as a commissioned peace officer functioning as an investigator, detective, or intelligence officer at an agency/department of 75 or more commissioned police officers, to include three years of supervisory experience.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Management, Police Science, Business Administration.

Pay and Compensation

Salary range for candidates with these qualification is typically $110,000 to $142,200. With 10 years of qualified experience, the expected starting salary would be in the area of $118,500. UT Police participates in the TRS Pension Program, annual merit raises, bilingual pay (up to $1,800), education pay (between $2,400 and $8,000), TCOLE certification pay (between $1,800 and $4,200) and a generous tuition reimbursement through a Cohort. We offer excellent benefits, to include 100 percent of health insurance premiums paid for the employee, paid time off, sick leave, paid holidays and the opportunity to earn up to 24 additional hours of time off based on performance.

Career advancement opportunities for qualified staff are available as vacancies arise or new positions are approved.

UT Police serves two distinguished and remarkable institutions in the largest academic medical center in the world: the number-one cancer center in the nation, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; and one of the top educators of health care professions in the State of Texas, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

The expanse and growth of these two institutions – which stretches across Houston, Texas, the nation and beyond – challenges UT Police to excellence in police and security services.

To do so, we utilize a Preventive, Preparedness and Protection philosophy for effective policing and security. To achieve optimal efficiency and results, we apply our innovative Combined Protection Model to integrate a collaborative protection process that entwines our department personnel and our services. The model successfully merges our threat and risk reduction analysis throughout all of our service areas, thereby impacting police and security services to the two institutions which we serve.

As a modern, innovative law enforcement agency, UT Police immerses our threat and risk analysis philosophy by emphasizing a preventive and caring intervention approach through our community-oriented policing.

UT Police at Houston offers competitive pay and excellent benefits. The starting pay for all positions is on a sliding scale commensurate with experience. UT Police offers tuition reimbursement through a cohort (up to $5,250 a year). Excellent benefits are provided to UT Police employees, including paid health insurance, paid time off, paid holidays and the opportunity to earn up to 24 additional hours of time off based on performance.

For further information or questions, contact Talent Management at 713-792-0900 or

How to Apply

All UT Police employees serve both MD Anderson or UTHealth. UT Police employees may be hired either institution; positions are therefore posted on either institution's careers website. Benefits may vary. 

MD Anderson positions are listed through MD Anderson Careers; search for keyword “police”. UTHealth positions are listed through UTHealth Careers. Follow the prompts and search for keyword “police".