Executive Team

  •  William  Adcox

    William Adcox
    Vice President, Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer

  •  Paul  Cross

    Paul Cross
    Assistant Chief of Police, Uniformed Police Operations & Investigations

  •  Charles  Dunn

    Charles Dunn
    Sr. Inspector, Administrative Investigations Team

  •  Ray  Gerwitz

    Ray Gerwitz
    Associate Vice President, Deputy Chief Security Officer

  •  Vicki  King

    Vicki King
    Assistant Chief of Police, Converged Threat/Risk Protection


  •  Sylvia  Arrizola

    Sylvia Arrizola
    Department Administrator, Risk Strategy & Operational Excellence

  •  Viola  Douglas

    Viola Douglas
    Inspector, Administrative Investigations

  •  Covell  Johnson

    Covell Johnson
    Inspector, Threat & Criminal Investigations

  •  Mary  Lentschke

    Mary Lentschke
    Inspector, Threat & Criminal Investigations

  •  Doran  Preacher

    Doran Preacher
    Captain, Uniformed Police Operations

  •  Marvin  Radford, Jr.

    Marvin Radford, Jr.
    Director, Workplace Violence Prevention

  •  Roberto  Ramos

    Roberto Ramos
    Associate Director, Operational Excellence

  •  Michael  Redmond

    Michael Redmond
    Captain, Uniformed Police Operations

  •  Brandon  Simmons

    Brandon Simmons
    Associate Director, Police Technology & Risk Operations

  •  Wayne  Smith, Jr.

    Wayne Smith, Jr.
    Captain, Uniformed Police Operations

  •  Roy  Williams III

    Roy Williams III
    Associate Director, Uniformed Security Operations