Job Description: Technical Services Coordinator

As a modern, innovative law enforcement agency, The University of Texas at Houston Police utilizes a Preventive, Preparedness and Protection philosophy for effective policing and security via the application of a Combined Protection Model. This applied model integrates a collaborative protection process that entwines all department personnel and services for optimal efficiency and results. The model interlaces the concept of overall threat and risk reduction analysis throughout all department service sectors, thus permeating all aspects of police and security services to our institutions. UT Police is a modern police entity that is interwoven into the fabric of the campus communities, emphasizing a preventive and caring intervention approach via community-oriented policing—all immersed in threat and risk analysis philosophy.

UT Police serves the number-one cancer center in the nation, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the top educator of healthcare professions in the State of Texas, The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (UTHealth). Both institutions are major healthcare and academic entities in the world’s largest medical center, The Texas Medical Center, all located in the Energy Capital of the World—Houston, TX.


Required: High School Diploma or equivalent
Preferred: Some college


Required: Five years experience in a customer service environment, dispatch or call center.
Preferred: Experience with an automated or computerized management system and/or work processor/spreadsheet software.

Pay and Compensation

The salary range for this position is $41,600 to $62,400, and starting pay is on a sliding scale commensurate with experience. We also offer a TRS Pension Program, annual merit raises, and a tuition reimbursement of up to $5,250 a year. We offer excellent benefits, to include 100% of health insurance premiums paid for the employee, paid time off, paid holidays and the opportunity to earn up to 24 additional hours of time off based on performance.

UT Police at Houston offers competitive pay and excellent benefits. The starting pay for all positions is on a sliding scale commensurate with experience. UT Police offers tuition reimbursement through a cohort (up to $5,250 a year). Excellent benefits are provided to UT Police employees, including paid health insurance, paid time off, paid holidays and the opportunity to earn up to 24 additional hours of time off based on performance.

For further information or questions, contact Talent Management at 713-792-0900 or

How to Apply

All UT Police employees serve both MD Anderson or UTHealth. UT Police employees may be hired either institution; positions are therefore posted on either institution's careers website. Benefits may vary. 

MD Anderson positions are listed through MD Anderson Careers; search for keyword “police”. UTHealth positions are listed through UTHealth Careers. Follow the prompts and search for keyword “police".