Complaint and Commendation Forms

UT Police is committed to providing the highest quality of police service to the university community. In order to be responsive to community needs, it is necessary to have citizen input. Complaints or suggestions received by the Chief of Police will be screened to determine if it is a complaint against an employee (violation of rules and regulations) or a recommendation for improvement of the department at large (process improvement). Verbal or anonymous complaints are also investigated but are more difficult to process.

Complaint Form

UT Police is committed to enhancing the quality of life, learning and working experience at MD Anderson and UTHealth while maintaining safe and secure campuses. If you had a positive experience involving any member of the UT Police that you would like to share with us, please fill out the form. We would love to hear from you! Your commendation of exceptional service provides the individuals you acknowledge with a greater sense of pride which increases morale and motivation.

Commendation Form

Racial Profiling Statement

Racial profiling is specifically prohibited in Texas under the provisions of the Criminal Code of Procedure Articles 2.131-2.137. UT Police officers are prohibited from engaging in bias profiling in traffic contacts, field contacts and in asset seizure and forfeiture. For those who believe they have been stopped or searched based on racial or bias-based profiling, complaints should be directed to UT Police through the form linked above, or at 713-792-2890 or [email protected].

All complaints are investigated in a thorough and timely manner. If racial or bias-based profiling occurs and is proven in sustained complaints, disciplinary action including termination of employment and criminal prosecution may result. If bias-based profiling behaviors are suspected, early intervention to correct such behavior may be appropriate and could include counseling, training and education.