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Community Reminded of Risk for Auto Theft

September 30, 2020

During the month of September, the University of Texas Police at Houston (UT Police) notified the community via Timely Warnings of two incidents wherein motor vehicles were stolen from the MD Anderson campus. UT Police reminds the community of the risk of vehicle burglaries and auto thefts and encourages individuals to be aware of their surroundings and to take measures to reduce the risk of being a victim.
To counter threats to our campus, UT Police continues to evaluate where it deploys resources to align with the department's Combined Protection Model of Preparedness, Protection and Prevention.
Remember that some criminals are good at what they do. Professional auto thieves can steal a car in less than 30 seconds. In January of this year we arrested two of these thieves at the 1MC Garage targeting vehicles our campus.

UT Police maintains a relationship with the Houston Police Department, with ongoing collaboration and sharing of intelligence between the agencies which improves the ability to curtail criminal actions and staying current with trends.
“We have consistently and proactively patrolled the garages, adapted our approaches and tactics, thoroughly investigated all reports, arrested offenders, and informed the community in response to this ongoing threat,” said UT Police Captain Michael Redmond. “Our team is actively engaging in the garages and areas surrounding to prevent any instances of violence or theft.

In addition, Redmond explained that the Houston Police Department's areas surrounding the Texas Medical Center continue to have elevated rates of violent crime (homicide, robbery, etc.) this year.

We anticipate this may continue with the economic effects of COVID-19, said Redmond. Please be safe.”

If you see any suspicious persons or vehicles, contact UT Police immediately at 713-792-2890.    

Participate in Your Safety

  • Do not leave valuables in plain view. 
  • Do not stow valuables or shopping bags in the trunk after you park.
  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times. 
  • Park in well-lit areas and do not leave your vehicle running unattended. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. 
  • If you “See Something, Say Something" by calling UT Police at 713-792-2890.
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