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August Safety Heroes

September 02, 2021 By: Maribel Salazar

A patient living out-of-state made concerning statements to an MD Anderson employee over the phone indicating that they were suicidal. Officer Devante James and Senior Telecommunications Officer Edwin Thomas contacted the patient's local emergency services to request a welfare check. An officer visited the patient's home and learned that the patient no longer had a desire to commit suicide.

Regardless of a patient’s location, UT Police officers partner with other law enforcement agencies to provide outreach to people in crisis. After each contact, the UT Police Threat Management Team works with 2-STOP and other institutional partners to support Care Team efforts to address patients' mental health needs.


While patrolling the area near UTHealth's Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences Building on East Road, Public Safety Officer Lekan Kollead noticed that mulch at the base of a tree was smoldering. Upon closer inspection, he discovered a lit cigarette smoldering. Officer Devante James was dispatched to the scene and the Houston Fire Department was called. James extinguished the smoldering mulch with a fire extinguisher and, upon arrival, HFD checked the area for any additional danger.


Public Safety Officer Kelvin Seymore was patrolling the first floor of MD Anderson's Mays Clinic when an employee approached him stating they had seen an individual trying to open doors. At the same time, another employee called in to the Risk Operations Center with a similar report. With two descriptions of the suspect, Seymore located an individual matching the description and called for police response. Before a police officer could arrive, Seymore was able to get the suspect to return a phone in his possession back to its owner but then took off running. Fellow Public Safety Officer Mathew Sibi observed the individual running and relayed information to the Risk Operations Center. Responding police officers were able to apprehend the individual.


Public Safety Officer Calvin Perro was working in the UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center when an individual charged at staff. Perro responded to the dangerous situation by restraining the individual while preventing an assault against an employee and until officers could arrive on scene.


Public Safety Officer Manuel Martinez was monitoring the security camera feeds of the UTHealth Medical School Building when he observed an individual jump the bike barn fence. Martinez saw the suspect pulling on bikes. Martinez requested police response to the location and officers were able to arrive before any bikes were stolen. Officers detained the individual who had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

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