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Active Shooter Prevention and Response

Interior classroom filled with attendees led by an officer at a podium in front of a slide projector

The course provides faculty and staff with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. The course helps attendees identify behaviors of concern that may signal the need for intervention to prevent a violent incident from occurring. With an emphasis on providing people in duress the support services they need, the class also provides information about the institutional resources available and the 2-STOP and STOP program.

To report workplace violence call:  713-792-STOP (7867)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Know what actions to take when confronted with an active shooter incident.
  • Recognize behaviors of concern.
  • Prevent and prepare for a potential active shooter incident using Run, Hide, Fight.
  • How to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.

Attendees in a clinical setting will be able to:

  • Prevent and prepare for a potential active shooter incident using Avoid, Deny, Defend.
  • Prevent or reduce loss of life in an active shooter event using the 4As process.
  • Increase chances of survival using ALICE.

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