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Weather the Storm

Flooded road with High Water and Road Closed signs on a barrier across it

The class covers staying safe before, during and after a severe weather emergency. It includes different types of hazardous weather conditions and ways to take action.

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Video Copyright © 2018 The Washington Post.

The Texas Medical Center is ready for a storm

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When the Waves Swell

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Get Weather Ready: During a Tornado

Video Copyright © 2014 National Weather Service.

Hurricane Preparedness: Dangers Remain Even After the Skies Turn Blue

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Upcoming Classes

General audience safety classes are offered regularly to MD Anderson and UTHealth employees and students. Departments and work groups can also request safety classes. All classes are at 10:30AM unless otherwise noted.

*Please Note: UT Police Safety Classes are offered to MD Anderson and UTHealth Houston students and workforce members only. Other community members please check your local agencies for similar offerings.

There are no upcoming classes scheduled.