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Recruitment Success, Onboarding Smiles, and Professional Growth

January 31, 2024 By: Victoria Vazquez

UT Police patrol vehicle with words, Join Our Team in yellow

A curious smile crosses the face of Sr. Community Relations Specialist Victoria Vazquez as she enters the supply room to retrieve some packing tape for a project. There are two new smiling faces she hasn’t seen before, turning to look at her from across the room.  

It is the first week of onboarding for police officers Jesse Hernandez and Nareun Roth. They’ve made their way through the process to stop by the supply room for uniform needs. Their smiles and witty banter show they are excited and content to be working for UT Police.  

UT Police has been hiring strategically for many vacancies throughout the year, including the recently launched series of recruiting videos. Recruiting has been a top priority, and not just to hire anyone, but those who have a passion for hard work and reliability.  

When asked about how the onboarding process has been Hernandez said, “The hiring process has been pleasant and thorough. The department has been extremely flexible in working with me and helping get through the process seamlessly.” 

Roth added reasons why he chose UT Police over other police departments in the area. He stated, “I applied because of the department's reputation for fostering a supportive work environment. This rang true as I have been truly touched by the warm reception I received, and I'm equally impressed by the culture of excellence at UT Police.” 

UT Police is unique in that it serves two institutions as part of the University of Texas System- MD Anderson Cancer Center, and UTHealth Houston. The benefits vary by institution but are equally considered top tier.  

There are many other benefits to working at UT Police, including the diverse job roles. Many people are familiar with the commonly referred roles such as police officers, public safety officers, telecommunicators, and detectives, but, there are also roles in IT and management. 

For those looking to continue their education, once onboarded, tuition reimbursement is offered through a cohort, of up to $5,250 a year. Many current employees have taken the opportunity to obtain their master's degree or law enforcement certifications with this extra incentive. 

When it comes to growth and advancement, UT Police is proud to report that since January 2024, 5 employees have already been promoted within the department. In the past 5 years, over 100 employees have been promoted within, showing the commitment to mentor, develop, and enhance leaders.  

Sylvia Arrizola, Director of Police Administration and Support Services has been promoted several times during her 8-year career with UT Police. Her commitment to challenging herself and continuously engaging in a growth mindset has paid off. “Our workforce is filled with great individuals looking to develop and increase the value of the work they do. That desire to grow in and of itself is the key.” 

UT Police invites the job seekers and the community-at-large to better understand the responsibilities and rewards of a career in law enforcement. Aspiring candidates, or just the curious, may use the information provided and resources below to help make an informed decision about pursuing a career with UT Police.  


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